Happy plants, happy customers, amazing service.

Attract existing and new customers into your shop

Make sure you give the right plant advice to every customer who comes through the door

How does it work?

Email specific plant care instructions to your customers when they make a purchase in your shop

When your customer gets home, they have an email from you with advice on where to put their plant in the home and how to care for it

We have made all of the plant pages for you, meaning in seconds you give your customers that added service to help keep their plants happy and healthy

Create marketing campaigns via your Hedira portal to bring those customers back into your shop

Join the community

£829 million worth of houseplants are thrown out every year.

By helping your customers look after their houseplants, you are helping to save plants and reduce waste. Hedira is on a mission to educate plant owners and help keep their houses green all year round. From as little as £12.99 a month, you can be too.

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