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Why we rotate houseplants

Let's face it, not all plants grow straight.

There's a simple remedy to this: Rotation.


First, let's start with the science

Phototropism is the growth of an organism in response to light. ☀️

Your houseplant contains auxins which are a group of hormones, often found in the tips of growing stems. When these auxins receive sunlight, they spend less time growing and more time getting strong, whereas when they don't receive sufficient light they grow taller. So if you have half of your stem facing the sunlight and the other in the shade, your plant will become bent and start craning towards the light as one side of the stem outgrows the other.

Of course, some people place their plants in the wrong sun spot in their homes (shame on you, you should download Hedira to discover your ideal plant conditions 😉) . Bad light conditions mean that leaves will start to stretch towards light, and the whole stem may grow leggy and thin.

So it's pretty important

Putting your houseplant in the right light conditions and rotating your plant pot is essential for keeping your plants looking strong, healthy and straight. That's why we made the decision to introduce this feature to Hedira as part of our mission to help busy houseplant owners keep their greenery looking its best.

Have any questions about plant rotation? Feel free to contact us or join the community!

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