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Watering your houseplants: What's the right amount?

We know 'water' problem is (terrible, sorry). Read on to discover the three levels of watering and what they mean to help you care for your houseplants.

1. Watering "plentifully"

When instructed to water plentifully, you should flood the surface of the plant with water until you see it flowing out of the bottom of the pot through the holes (if your plant pot doesn't have holes, seriously, make them). Do not let your plant sit in the water that has drained out of the pot, so simply empty the saucer at the bottom of your plant pot when done.


2. Watering "moderately"

When watering moderately stop just in time before water starts to drip out of the holes at the bottom of your pot.


3. Watering "sparingly"

Here, give your plant just enough water to dampen the surface and then stop. No water should come out of the hole in your pot. You can take a wooden stick (such as a kebab stick) and put it into the soil next to the pot - if there are dry patches you can repeat again and dampen the surface.

Quick watering tips:

- Use water that is lukewarm or at room temperature

- If possible, collect and use rainwater

- Distilled water is good to use if you have hard or soft water in your home

- If the leaves of your plant are blocking your access to the soil, simply water the plant from below (filling up a dish and placing the plant pot in the dish.) More on this later...

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