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Discovering the reality of being a UK plant retailer

For one semester, six students joined Hedira to look into the life and mind of a plant retailer. We asked Helene, Carolina, Francesca, Marcelo, Santiago and Malik to focus on plant shops because we wanted to make sure that we could deliver great value to our customers. Here's a quick snippet about what they found...

Not many people throughout their experience at University have the opportunity to work with a real life start-up and to apply the knowledge they have gained through studying. We were extremely lucky to be paired with Hedira as part of our Entrepreneurship Project during our final year at the University of Bath. Our goal was to try and understand what UK plant retailers experience in their everyday lives. 

It was an immersive experience that involved reaching out to plant retailers and engaging in interesting conversations with them. We learned many things. Among them the fact that most plant retailers seem to hate dealing with financial accounts. 

Also, it emerged from our discussions that most plant retailers struggle to maintain a work-life balance. However this is not negatively perceived as you would imagine, because, as Emma told us, most plant retailers love their jobs, plants are their passion and they are some of the happiest people in the UK!

We are currently looking for plant retailers around the UK to join Hedira as part of our free trial. If you would like to learn more and sign up click here.