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The UK businesses delivering unique house plant pots to your door

It's repotting and propagation season, which generally means having more plants than pots around the house. Add in the fact that many of us are taking this quarantine time to spruce up our homes, and this sounds like a perfect opportunity to order pots from somewhere a bit different!

We have interviewed 3 fantastic UK businesses who deliver unique and stylish plant pots to your door.

Read below their stories and which plants they would pair with their preferred pot...


BAM Botanics

"We create hand crafted botanical homewares all made in Forest Hill, SE London. We are both passionate about sustainability & being kinder to the planet. We strive to keep this at the centre of our ethos by ensuring conscious steps are taken throughout our decision making process, from the materials used in our products right through to the packaging & business cards.

Whilst being regulars at our local makers & farmers markets we also teach creative workshops across London & online, helping others to discover the therapeutic benefits that come from immersing yourself in a new craft.

​BAM was formed in early 2018 when we both found ourselves at a bit of a low & wanting to explore something different & inject some creativity back into our lives.

Over the past couple of years what was a small project has now evolved into our own business which we are both extremely passionate about. Though it comes with its struggles, these are far outweighed by the pride & fulfilment that comes with being a totally independent company. 

Our favourite pot is our Agnes pot (in photo below) & think it makes the perfect match with a Scindapsus pictus or satin pathos variety of Devils Ivy due to its trailing nature & velvety leaves.

Delivery- Nationwide from our online store or local delivery can be arrange in & around SE23 London. Visit their website here.



"I am passionate about the way architecture and interior design can blend with nature to create beautiful and soothing environments. I grew up surrounded by forest, therefore my love of nature and I use my skills from when I was a girl, doing macrame knits, to deliver simple but elegant ways to bring more green into your indoor spaces.

I started Greenarium as a way to align my passion with a way of genuinely helping people bring more greenery into their lives in creative ways. We had also had some bad experiences with plants delivered to us which prompted me into developing a system that would allow perfectly safe and beautiful plants upon delivery.

Currently with so many people spending time at home and sometimes in small flats with no gardens, bringing greenery indoors becomes so important. I want to show people that there are clever ways to take advantage of walls and ceilings to create jungle effects."

The kokodama, coco-fibre pods are our main product as they are lightweight, have a natural look and are perfect for hanging. The string of pearls is one of my favourite plants and has been very popular lately along with our best seller, the string of hearts. Both plants are meant to be hung as they will grow longer and longer!

Delivery - Greenarium sends plants with next day delivery Monday to Thursday, to make sure that they don't stay in transit over the weekend. Most of them arrive next day but depending on the location it happens that it takes a bit longer. All plants deliveries are within the UK only, the hanging planters and empty kokodama pots worldwide. Check out their Etsy shop here.


Mon Pote

"I run Mon Pote, a home and lifestyle shop and website based on North Street in South Bristol.  I have a passion for interiors and design, particularly Scandinavian design and the shop reflects this.  Mon Pote is actually a coloquial term for "my mate" in French, because the aim was to create an easy going space, affordable products, approachable staff and, most importantly, be accessible to all. 

I love the simplicity of Scandinavian homes - natural textures, neutral colours, light-filled and of course, the way house plants feature in these interiors.  I started off using house plants as props in the shop when I first opened and then moved to stocking plants myself.  As we sell a wide rage of plant pots and baskets it seemed logical - people were always wanting a plant for the pot they had bought.  

For me, baskets are the ideal plant pot.  I like the lack of structure and the way they allow larger plants to sort of fall about, I think it creates a relaxed impression.  We have a wide range of baskets - hanging baskets in different colours, baskets woven from recycled plastic and lots of traditional sea grass baskets.  Currently I'm loving a big Monstera (Swiss Cheese Plant) in a Nordal seagrass basket.

Delivery - Delivery (including plants) is free to BS3 postcodes in Bristol. Shipping to all other other areas is £3.99 under £30, £5.99 over £30 and free over £60.  Plants are not deliverable outside of BS3 in Bristol.

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