The 7 plants that will make you sleep better: discover which is best for you!

In a society living inside our laptops and mobile phones, it has been too easy to forget the importance of winding down and getting a proper night’s kip. Hands up, we are all guilty of getting into bed way past our bedtime and spending valuable sleep time scrolling through news feeds and landing on some random C-list Insta 'influencer', and half of us don’t even remember to put our phone’s lighting mode on ‘night shift’. If you’re not guilty of this, we bow down to you.

Earlier this year, renowned neuroscientist Matthew Walker spoke at a TEDx talk about the serious effects of sleep deprivation in our society. Unfortunately, Matt wasn’t given enough airtime to tell us all about another healthy and cost-effective way to improve our shut-eye time, especially for those who don’t think they can change the amount of time they are getting!

It's as simple as Lavender, Jasmine, Gardenia, Golden Pothos, Snake Plant, Aloe Vera, Peace Lily and English Ivy. These are all plants that have invaluable effects on the quality of your sleep, so we thought we would tell you how each can help you and the conditions in which they thrive best so you can choose the best ones for you and your bedroom!


Known for: calming: reducing stress and anxiety, inducing you to sleep (through its lovely scent!)

Rough cost: circa £8 for 250 stems/good bunch

Favourite conditions: dried lavender will do its own thing, just replace every few months when it loses its fragrance!

*Jasmine also has similar benefits to lavender if you prefer its fragrance


Known for: regulating excitement in the brain just as well as some pharmaceutical sedatives are capable of doing...Calling all insomniacs!

Rough cost: circa £12

Favourite conditions: humid rooms with lots of indirect light!

Golden Pothos

Known for: eating up toxins; its favourites being carbon monoxide and formaldehyde (found in beds, desks, mattresses, wardrobes etc.). These two nasty chemicals affect the natural detoxing your body does whilst sleeping.

Rough cost: circa £15 for a hanging pot

Favourite conditions: happy in low light conditions and needs little water!

Snake Plant

Known for: being the king of removing toxins and converting carbon monoxide into oxygen; basically brain food to assist with learning, memory and responsiveness both in the short and long term.

Rough cost: circa £10 for good size bedside plant

Favourite conditions: neglect and indirect sunlight! Like succulents, the biggest killer of the snake plant is over watering.

Aloe Vera

Known for: releasing oxygen throughout the night, helping you to breathe and sleep better (we already know about its amazing healing and beauty-enriching benefits!)

Rough cost: circa £7 for bedside size

Favourite conditions: sun sun and sun! Direct or indirect will do the trick, just plenty of it, and water once or twice a month (at most!) in warmer periods.

Peace Lily

Known for: removing mould spores from the air and especially effective in getting rid of toluene and xylene particles floating about (often found in paint).

Rough cost: circa £10 (if you’re paying more make sure there is a good reason – size, pot included?)

Favourite conditions: these babies tell you what they need, when they need. Water once a week by observation of wilting leaves, keep away from sunny spots. Bedrooms with little natural light are fab.

English Ivy

Known for: like the aloe, they clean the air of mould, so if find yourself coughing at night or feel like you don’t sleep deeply, it is probably due to poor air quality.

Rough cost: circa £6

Favourite conditions: indirect light and moist soil. That’s it. Watch out though, they do like to grow!

Many of these plants are poisonous so a big no-no if you have pets or small children.