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Looking after houseplants: An interview with Grow Urban, Scotland

When you land on the Grow Urban website, you can instantly see what this shop is all about. Opened in 2019, Grow Urban has created a modern industrial-style brand with bold colours and pops of fresh green houseplants. A true urban jungle, the team have created a calm, happy haven for plant lovers.

Grow Urban is a fashionable industrial-style plant shop located in Edinburgh, UK. Plants fill the windows of this plant shop with the words "plants" and "coffee" printed on the glass.

Located in Edinburgh, Scotland, where the streets can be full of hustle and bustle, Shop Manager Sophie recognised the importance for individuals to escape into spaces of calm. "The atmosphere in the shop (in normal times) is so soothing and being surrounded by so much green certainly does that [...] What the pandemic has really highlighted is our need to connect more with nature. In my own experience, just being around such lush greenery has been a great help."

"It was so important to us to create a space where people could find themselves escaping the city for a while, amongst our urban jungle, perhaps sipping a coffee in our lovely window bay, or perusing our in-house potting shed."

Those who follow Grow Urban on Instagram, see that they love sharing friendly advice about houseplants and seeing all of the successes of their customers. "Since the onset of the pandemic, we haven't been able to have people in the shop as much which is disappointing." Luckily Instagram has provided Grow Urban with a platform to connect with their customers and keep their business afloat.

Sophie has answered some questions for Hedira, including her most show-stopping choice of plant, and the best piece of houseplant advice she has ever received.

What is currently your best selling plant? Why do you think that is?

Oh! So hard to say. Our stock changes weekly and often we have a completely different selection of plants from the week before but generally speaking, whenever we have any kind of Calathea in they are always first to go! Calathea orbifolia and Calathea lancifolia are certainly up there with our customers' favourites.

A batch of Macodes petola (a rare jewel orchid) stand out on their tray. These houseplants have leaves that look like they've been electrified! These are show stopping plants

If you had to pick the most show-stopping houseplant, what would it be?

We recently had another batch of Macodes petola (rare jewel orchid) and the leaves look like they've been electrified! Absolutely amazing to look at the tiny specimens and hard to believe they're real.

In your personal collection of houseplants, is there a particular one that's special for you?

I have to say, I'm a sucker for a classic Monstera deliciosa. This one, in particular, was one of my first houseplants - it's massive now and my absolute pride and joy. I'm also partial to Begonias as I love their leaves and I find them super easy to look after.

What is the best piece of houseplant advice you've ever received?

Always better to underwater than overwater! If in doubt, leave it a little longer - plants are more forgiving when they are starved rather than drowned.

Grow Urban is currently operating online and hand-delivering locally to Edinburgh residents until restrictions ease. They will then resume click&collect and walk-ins.

What to look after your houseplants and keep them looking healthy? Hedira is the houseplant app that helps you become the plant guru you were born to be. Available on Apple and Android.

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