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Introducing: Old Market Plant Shop

Old market in Bristol was named by The Sunday Times in their 2018 annual report the second coolest place to live in the UK. It's easy to see why with its fantastic bars and pubs, live music venues and amazing good destinations. But the one shop which oozes with "cool" and places Old Market as a must-visit destination is the fantastic Old Market Plant Shop.

Photo from the Bristol Post

At 50 Gloucester Lane, passers by will see a huge glass window, steamed up from the humidity inside. It's not the condensation that makes it hard to see inside this shop window though: the Old Market Plant Shop is absolutely brimming with foliage.

Specialising in indoor plants, the owners allow city-dweller to bring a bit of freshness into their homes and help them connect more with nature. Stocking a wide range of plants, you will find something suitable here for every budget.

With a host of experience and knowledge, owners Ruth and Jamie are on hand to suggest to customers which plant(s) they should be buying and how to care for it (them?!). Now partnered with Hedira, customers can now leave the shop equipped with continued care instructions for their plant!

So whether you are a Bristolian or just passing by, make sure you pay a visit to this fantastic independent retailer.

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