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"People come up to me and confess that they have killed like I'm a priest."

Wondering around Frome market, we crossed a small bridge and into a car park just filled with old furniture. From illustrations dating from the 1800s, to old armchairs and lamps, the market was full of bright colours and smells.

Standing out from the crowd was a plant stand from Botanica Studios. The stand was absolutely full of life with gorgeous plants on display... and lots of eager-eyed customers!

The founder Alice was jumping around attentively speaking to each customer, whilst her mum manned the fort at the till. Alice was friendly, bubbly and clearly so passionate about her plants.

Alice demonstrates so many of the values we have at Hedira that we had to get an interview! Read on...

"I bought my first home and I wanted to fill the house full of plants as it's an inexpensive way of making a house look like a home and then I couldn't find the ones I wanted. So I went online but I wanted to see and touch them and that's how I got into this.

I want people to keep them longer. I find if I give people care for them, just the light, the conditions, where they go in the house that empowers people to know how to keep them alive.

People come up to me and confess that they have killed like I'm a priest. "I've killed them what do I do?" As if I can cure them.

I've killed plants, you've killed plants. What you have done is you loved them too much and over watered them or you put them in the wrong place. And so, demystifying it.

The minute something is living in your home, you care about it."

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