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In North Yorkshire? Discover The Plant Workshop this weekend

Introducing the fantastic Dave Morley, founder of The Plant Workshop based in Northallerton, North Yorkshire. Discover Dave's current favourite plant, his journey to setting up The Plant Workshop, and his top plans for the year. 🚀

What made you set up The Plant Workshop? 

I’ve always had a keen interest in house-plants and, as our collection grew so large it seemed appropriate to open a shop and surround myself with beautiful plants!

We initially planned for a small retail shop in the Market Town of Northallerton, however, due to COVID-19 our shop plans were temporarily put on hold. As a new startup, we needed to act quickly and from the garden shed: The Plant Workshop and our local, doorstep delivery service was born. 

What is your favourite plant at the moment? 

There are so many to choose from! I adore our 'Coffea Arabica’ plants but the 'Alocasia Portodora’ wins for sheer scale and beauty!

How many plants do you have in your home? 

I’ll admit to having more than 10 plants per room! Is that excessive? There’s always room for more! 

What is your key mission for this year? 

The mission this year is to continue sourcing and providing the best quality plants and plant-accessories for our growing customer base. We really love meeting our customers and how passionate they are about plants and we’re so excited to bring The Plant Workshop retail space into Northallerton. We can’t wait to meet more passionate-plant-people!  

What brought you to Hedira? 

Some of our lovely customers have been using the Hedira app and found it useful when looking after their plants. We’ve been searching for a platform in which to improve the service we’re offering to customers, especially how to care for their new plants.

How can people buy plants from The Plant Workshop?

Orders can be placed on our website.

If you’re local to our warehouse in (Teesside) TS23, you can Click & Collect or contact us to book, view, and safely buy stock directly.

Alternatively, we deliver your items to the doorstep. For full details on this, please see our website.

We’ll also be having an open-day with special offers once our Northallerton shop is open - signing up to our newsletter and Facebook is the best way of keeping up to date!

What is your top tip for keeping plants alive?

Always be mindful of how much water you’re giving plants and on the side of caution! It’s much easier to add more water and no one likes a boggy, unhappy plant! :-)

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