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What can you expect from Hedira?

We’re glad you asked. Hedira comes in two flavours: Starter and Hedira Pro.

We’re glad you asked.

Starter: free forever

Watering, misting and feeding reminders 

Personalised instructions for all of your plants, based on their species and where they live in your home 

Seasonality changes based on where you are in the world

Search for the ideal plant for your space and save it to your wishlist

Add photos of your plants 

Hedira Pro: from £4.17 (5.78USD) a month

Everything in Starter, plus:

Advanced plant recommendations for your space with additional filters such as colour, pet friendliness and difficulty level

Record and monitor your plant growth with your daily plant journal

Diagnose and solve plant problems 

Add daily photos of your houseplants to track their growth

Start looking after your plants today and join Hedira Pro in the app:

Join the Hedira community

Chat with other plant people, ask questions and discover more about your plants in the Facebook Hedira community.

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